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Trusted Childcare Near Kemps Creek

At Little Learners Academy, located in the heart of the Kemps Creek region, we redefine the essence of trusted childcare and preschool services. Our dedication to creating a nurturing and stimulating environment is evident in every aspect of our Academy. With a focus on holistic development, we offer programs that cater to the educational and emotional needs of young learners.


Our Austral-based facility is not just a childcare centre; it's a place where children embark on a journey of discovery and learning. The unique curriculum at Little Learners Academy, tailored for the community, integrates play-based learning with structured educational activities. This approach ensures that children from Kemps Creek and surrounding areas receive a well-rounded education that promotes their cognitive, social, and emotional development. Our commitment to excellence makes us a leading childcare and preschool choice for families in Kemps Creek, setting a new standard for early education in the region.


By choosing Little Learners Academy, parents are assured of a safe, engaging, and enriching environment for their children. Our all-inclusive service model, which covers meals, nappies, and wipes, reflects our commitment to providing unparalleled convenience and peace of mind to families. Trust us to be your partner in laying a strong educational foundation for your child.

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Our Belief

At Little Learners Academy near Kemps Creek, our core belief is that the early stages of childcare and preschool are crucial in moulding the future of every child. We recognise the profound impact of these formative years and are committed to fostering an environment where comprehensive growth and development are paramount.


Our approach at our centre is to nurture every aspect of a child’s well-being, blending academic learning with social, emotional, and physical development. Near Kemps Creek, Little Learners Academy is not just an educational institution; it’s a community where young minds are encouraged to explore, question, and discover. Our curriculum is designed to stimulate curiosity and foster a love for learning, ensuring that children are well-prepared for the journey ahead. We emphasise personalised learning experiences, understanding that each child has unique needs and potential.


Our dedicated team at Little Learners Academy near Kemps Creek works tirelessly to create a supportive and enriching environment. We strive to be a place where children can grow roots of knowledge and wings of independence. By prioritising holistic development, we prepare our learners not just for school, but for life, making us a trusted name in childcare and preschool education near Kemps Creek.

Our Approach

At Little Learners Academy, our approach is holistic, focusing on the nurturing of the "whole" child, encompassing social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. We understand that each dimension is integral to a child's overall well-being and is essential for creating a comprehensive learning experience. Our programs, specially structured to promote well-rounded growth, ensuring that children receive a balanced and enriching education.


In our daycare centre, we prioritise an environment where children can thrive across all areas of development. This means integrating interactive play with structured learning, encouraging children to explore their interests while acquiring new skills. Our commitment to this holistic approach is evident in our tailored activities and curriculum, which are designed to cater to the diverse needs of our young learners in Kemps Creek.


At Little Learners Academy, we go beyond traditional education methods to instill a lifelong love for learning in every child. Our dedicated educators are trained to recognise and nurture the individual potential of each student, fostering an atmosphere where every child feels valued and understood. This nurturing setting not only supports their immediate educational needs but also lays the foundation for their future success in and beyond the suburb of Kemps Creek.

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Our Centres

Little Learners Academy near Kemps Creek is more than an educational facility; it's the embodiment of a family-owned dream dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for children. Our centre is founded on a robust framework of knowledge and extensive experience, blending the expertise of passionate educators with efficient management. This combination has propelled us to the forefront of childcare and preschool services, making us a household name in the local communities which we serve.


Our centre near Kemps Creek is designed with the child’s experience at its core, offering safe, stimulating, and engaging spaces that encourage exploration and learning. Every corner is thoughtfully arranged to inspire curiosity and foster educational growth, mirroring the dynamic and inclusive spirit of our broader community in Sydney, NSW. Our commitment to quality and excellence in early education is evident in the well-rounded, enriching programs we offer, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our young learners.


As Little Learners Academy continues to grow, our vision is to establish more centres across Sydney, NSW, each reflecting our core values of nurturing, learning, and community. Our expansion is a testament to our success in providing top-tier childcare and daycare services, and our dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of families in Kemps Creek and the wider Sydney area.

Our Curriculum

At Little Learners Academy, our curriculum is thoughtfully crafted around the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) principles of Belonging, Being, and Becoming, offering a comprehensive and emergent educational experience that spans all developmental areas. We provide a blend of planned and spontaneous activities, meticulously designed to foster children's growth in various domains. Our approach is dynamic, drawing from children's observations and interests, combined with intentional teaching, family involvement, and continuous reflection.


Our commitment at Little Learners Academy goes beyond basic educational requirements. We rigorously adhere to legislations, regulations, and the National Quality Standards (2018), ensuring that our services are not only compliant but also of the highest quality. Our centre near Kemps Creek is an integral part of the local community, actively providing information and support to children and families, reflecting our dedication to meeting community needs.


We leverage local resources and events to enrich our programs, thereby enhancing the educational journey of each child in Kemps Creek. Our goal is to create a learning environment that mirrors the values and needs of the community, promoting the growth and development of children, families, and educators alike. This community-focused approach solidifies Little Learners Academy's reputation as a leading provider of childcare and preschool services near Kemps Creek, NSW.

Leading Childcare & Daycare Providers

At Little Learners Academy, we deeply understand the importance of family values, beliefs, and cultural backgrounds, hence our commitment to fostering open and constructive communication with families. Our approach involves actively engaging families in the development and implementation of our programs, valuing their input, ideas, knowledge, and experiences. We prioritise building positive, mutually respectful relationships with each family member, working collaboratively to ensure the best outcomes for children.


Our educators are selected for their passion and dedication to working with children and families, making them central to our vision. We focus on nurturing strong relationships through open communication, trust, and respect. The opinions and beliefs of our educators are highly valued, supported by daily interactions and structured staff meetings, promoting a culture of collaborative decision-making. Continuous professional development is a cornerstone of our approach, keeping our team at the forefront of early childhood education advancements.
We recognise the crucial role of the learning environment in enhancing children's development.


Our Austral centre's educators strive to create safe, homelike, and consistent settings that encourage trust, familiarity, and active exploration. Our learning spaces are thoughtfully designed to reflect and enrich the lives and identities of our children and families, catering to their interests and needs.


Little Learners Academy near Kemps Creek embodies the philosophy that children, families, staff, and the community are integral to the fabric of our educational environment. We view each child as a unique and capable individual, actively participating in their learning journey, and we dedicate ourselves to nurturing their exploration, discovery, and questioning, fostering a robust foundation for their lifelong learning.

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What Our Parents Think?

Discover the exceptional experiences of families at Little Learners Academy by exploring our raving 5-star reviews on Google. Parent local to Kemps Creek and more specifically our Austral centre have shared their heartfelt testimonials about our individual centre locations, highlighting the outstanding care, education, and nurturing environment we provide. These reviews reflect the deep trust and satisfaction families place in us, underscoring our commitment to excellence in childcare and preschool education.


Each testimonial is a story of positive experiences, personal growth, and community, showcasing the impact of our dedicated team and child-centric approach. Join the multitude of satisfied parents who have made Little Learners Academy their preferred choice, and see for yourself why we are celebrated as leaders in early childhood education.

Our Extra Curricular Programs

At Little Learners Academy, we are proud to offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities designed to enhance the holistic development of our students. Our diverse programs include Soccer, Basketball, Cooking Classes, Excursions, Incursions, Flexibility Classes, Sign Language Classes, and Gardening Classes, each meticulously crafted to cater to the varied interests and developmental needs of children in Kemps Creek.


Our Soccer and Basketball Programs are perfect for kids who love sports, helping them develop teamwork, coordination, and physical fitness. The Cooking Classes not only teach practical life skills but also encourage healthy eating habits and creativity in the kitchen. Excursions and Incursions provide dynamic learning opportunities outside the traditional classroom setting, offering real-world experiences that enrich the children's understanding and curiosity.


Flexibility Classes enhance physical health and mental well-being, while Sign Language Classes promote inclusivity and communication skills, reflecting our commitment to a comprehensive educational approach. Gardening Classes connect children with nature, fostering a sense of responsibility and environmental awareness.


Through these programs, Little Learners Academy near Kemps Creek not only broadens the educational horizon of our students but also nurtures their passions and talents, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching learning experience.

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Experience the warmth and dedication of Little Learners Academy firsthand by booking a tour today! Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of our cherished, family-owned centres, each founded on a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in childcare and preschool education. Near Kemps Creek, our academy stands as a testament to our commitment to nurturing young minds in a caring and supportive environment.


Our dedicated educators and skilled management team come together to create a positive, enriching space where your child can flourish. By visiting us, you’ll witness the exceptional facilities and programs that make Little Learners Academy a leader in early childhood education. See for yourself how we foster each child’s development, encouraging them to reach their full potential in a loving and stimulating setting.


Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the place where educational journeys begin and lifelong learning is ignited. Book a tour with Little Learners Academy today and take the first step towards becoming part of our extended family, where every child is valued and cherished.