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At Little Learners Academy Austral, we firmly believe that the early years in childcare and preschool are foundational in shaping a child's future. Understanding the immense importance of these formative years, our team is committed to promoting comprehensive growth and development across all facets of a child's well-being.

Our approach at Little Learners Academy is centered around the holistic nurturing of the "whole" child, integrating social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. We recognise that each of these dimensions is vital for ensuring the overall well-being of children in our childcare and preschool programs, enabling enriching learning experiences and fostering all-around growth.

Little Learners Academy stands out not just as an educational institution, but as a family-owned dream realised in Austral, devoted to offering a warm and supportive environment for your little ones. Our childcare and preschool in Austral is built upon a solid foundation of knowledge and extensive experience, uniting passionate educators and proficient management. We are a fast expanding brand with plans to open more vibrant centres across Sydney, NSW.

Little Learners Academy

Welcome to the enchanting world of early education at Little Learners Academy, a brand-new beacon of learning proudly Australian and family-owned. At the heart of our ethos lies a deep respect for education's pivotal role in nurturing our younger generation. Our childcare and preschool centre in Austral is finely attuned to the needs of local families, ensuring our policies reflect and honour the rich tapestry of our community.

Our centre's are inclusive havens, celebrating all religions, cultures, and beliefs, and we remain flexible to adapt our offerings to stay closely connected with our vibrant communities. Book a tour or enquire with our centre located in Austral today.

Early Years Learning Framework

Guided by the values and principles of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), we aspire to create an exceptional learning environment where children are consistently "learning for life." The EYLF, combined with the Thrive curriculum, aims to achieve five crucial outcomes:

Outcome 1

Children develop a strong sense of identity.

Outcome 2

Children are connected with and contribute to their world.

Outcome 3

Children maintain a strong sense of wellbeing.

Outcome 4

Children become confident and involved learners.

Outcome 5

Children emerge as effective communicators.

We offer a rage of activities

At Little Learners Academy, we prioritize the significance of fostering connections between children and their local communities. To actively engage with and appreciate our community, we implement a range of initiatives, including:

Local Heroes Visits

Welcoming local firefighters or police officers to visit our centre, allowing children to interact with community heroes and express gratitude by creating meals together as an act of community engagement.

Monthly Excursions

Organizing at least four excursions per month, providing children with enriching experiences beyond the center. We also maximize opportunities like Woolworths tours to enhance their understanding of the world around them.

Community Workshops

Collaborating with local grocers, florists, and other businesses to learn about their industries. Inviting them into our centre for small workshops allows children to explore different aspects of their community.

Partnerships with Local Schools

Establishing connections with the local primary school for collaborative projects. Engaging activities, such as art projects taught by the school's SRC members, create an ongoing exchange between our centre and the school.

At Little Learners Academy, we're proud to fully support the Munch & Move initiative, a vibrant and engaging play-based program created by NSW Health, aimed at encouraging the healthy growth of children from birth to 5 years old. This wonderful initiative is all about enhancing physical activity, nurturing healthy eating patterns, and advocating for a balanced use of screen time among our young learners. Aligned with six uplifting, health-forward key messages, Munch & Move beautifully complements our curriculum, harmonising with both the National Quality Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework to ensure a holistic approach to the well-being and education of children in our childcare and preschool settings in Austral.

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Considering the substantial time children spend in early educational settings such as preschools, long day care, and family day care services, these environments are perfectly positioned to elevate physical activity awareness and foster nutritious eating practices. At Little Learners Academy, we leverage these vital early years, particularly in our Austral location, to nurture a well-rounded approach to health and wellness, seamlessly integrating these principles into our childcare and preschool programs.

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Little Learners Academy is not just a learning centre; it is a cherished, family-owned dream committed to providing a nurturing and caring environment for your children. Our centres are founded on a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience, bringing together dedicated educators and skilled management. We are passionate about creating a positive and enriching space where your child can thrive and develop to their full potential.